Let's harness the power

of hydrogen


Who is Hiringa


Our mission at Hiringa Energy is to supply New Zealand with zero emission hydrogen.


We are establishing production, distribution and refuelling infrastructure to 

enable the adoption of hydrogen solutions.

Hiringa Energy is the first company in New Zealand dedicated to the supply of green hydrogen, and providing solutions for industry, the public sector, and transport operators. 

We are developing and building green hydrogen supply and refuelling infrastructure networks throughout New Zealand by working with regional and national Government, as well as leading transport operators and industry to provide zero emission hydrogen capability for the New Zealand commercial and heavy transport market.

Our team has technical and market experience in design, installation and commissioning hydrogen refuelling and fuel cell technologies throughout North America and Europe.

So let's talk about how, together, we can make hydrogen work for you. 

Hiringa is a Maori word meaning perseverance, energy, determination, inspiration, vitality. 


Hydrogen fuel is clean,

sustainable, safe and,

in the long run, will be

cheaper than fossil fuels.

Let's start using it.

Who are we currently working with?

The sun is powered by it, it's in our water, it has no colour or odour, it's the most abundant element in the universe. It can power heavy trucks, buses and factories, and its only emission is a little water vapour.

Many cities and corporations around the world are already using hydrogen. Major car manufacturers are producing vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells. Cities like London and Aberdeen have hydrogen powered public buses, and countries like Germany are investing billions in hydrogen infrastructure.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe,

and produces no emissions besides water. 

Who is Hiringa Energy?

We are a New Zealand company based in New Plymouth, and the first in our country dedicated to the development of hydrogen supply and refuelling infrastructure.

Our team has key hydrogen technology, electricity, gas, and integrated energy operations expertise.

They have designed and commissioned 700bar refuelling stations to latest international standards and have direct experience with

vehicle fuel cell integration overseas. 

Who are we currently

working with?

We are working with partners to bring hydrogen fuel cell transport and energy solutions

to New Zealand.

In these early stages, we are working with those companies, regions, and cities who are the New Zealand leaders in

tackling our carbon emissions and energy challenges.

We'll combine our expertise with your passion to start along the journey towards

a zero emissions future.

"It (hydrogen) looks like the face of the future and will make us,

in that context, an international leader."

- Winston Peters (speaking as acting NZ Prime Minister)

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Hydrogen is the energy to change our future - let's make it a zero emissions one.