Who are we?

The energy to change.


Our team at Hiringa are experienced energy professionals, with strong organisational development skills and a track record of delivery of complex projects and business growth.


We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in senior leadership, management, technical and operations roles within the energy sector, combined with construction management and technology commercialisation.

Our collective background includes energy trading, financial expertise, investment analysis and governance, to couple with the expertise of our engineers - who specialise in hydrogen project development, hydrogen technologies, renewable power generation and fuel cell integration.

Hiringa Energy also bring experience in health and safety management in the oil and gas, industrial and resources sectors during construction and operations. 

We are adept in implementation of trading and risk management strategies to support aggressive growth and financial targets, in offering low emission solutions to our joint partners and communities.


What do we do?


Hiringa Energy is developing hydrogen production projects using electrolysis.

Hiringa is also developing

new renewable electricity 

generation for green hydrogen that can displace the use of fossil fuels for transport and industrial feedstock. 

Make Clean


One of the great hurdles to the adoption of any new fuel is a reliable supply network.


We are forming joint ventures to develop and invest in hydrogen distribution and refuelling infrastructure across New Zealand.



Hiringa Energy is working with fuel cell manufacturers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to bring the hydrogen fuel cell technology to New Zealand. 

We are developing a full suite of hydrogen fuel cell transport solutions for New Zealand. 

Facilitate Market Use

of Hydrogen

Our Values

  • Zero emission solutions need to be commercially sustainable as well as environmentally sustainable.​

  • Environmental sustainability and economic growth are not mutually exclusive.

  • Hydrogen is a key piece of the puzzle for addressing climate change.

We believe:

  • Create opportunities and wealth for New Zealanders.

  • Create long term competitive advantage for NZ businesses based on low emission energy use.

  • Benefit our communities by creating more efficient, cleaner energy.

We want to:

  • Deliver solutions that are operationally efficient, practical, sustainable and convenient.

  • Be a trusted partner.​


  • Provide local clean energy investment opportunities.

We will:

Meet Hiringa Management


Andrew Clennett

CEO and Co-Founder

Andrew is an experienced energy executive with strong organisational development skills and a track record of delivery on business integration, transition and growth.​

He has over 23 years' of broad international experience in a range of senior leadership, management, commercial and technical roles. 

Catherine Clennett

Executive Director and Co-Founder

Cathy has held senior engineering, project management, business development, and construction management roles in the energy, resources and telecommunications infrastructure sectors.​

Cathy has broad commercial and finance expertise including technology commercialisation, investment analysis and management, and governance.

Dan Kahn

CTO and Co-Founder

Dan is an experienced mechanical engineer with a background in hydrogen product development and industrial water treatment.


As an expert in controls systems and automation, Dan has designed, installed and commissioned 700 bar H2 filling stations, and automated fuel-cell manufacturing equipment. ​

Ryan McDonald

Head of New Business

Ryan's career spans almost 20 years' of engineering consultancy principally in the energy and resources sector, including over a decade in various general management roles

throughout Australasia.

Ryan's extensive technical experience covers concept and feasibility studies, project techno-economic analysis, as well as leading business strategy and pre-contract management activities.

Matt Luscombe

Head of Projects & Operations

Matt has over 15 years' of experience in the energy sector including team management, front end engineering, detailed engineering, commissioning, project management and operations support. 

Coupled with experience in importing and compliance of packaged process equipment into New Zealand, Matt brings broad experience across many disciplines to the Hiringa Team.

Matt Carnachan

Head of Trading & Energy Markets

With over ten years' experience in commodity trading, Matt brings a strong commercial background and expert knowledge of power, gas and carbon markets to Hiringa's business.

Matt has held senior roles in

New Zealand and the UK, leading teams to develop trading and risk management strategies that underpin aggressive growth and financial targets.

The Hiringa Team

We work with you

The journey to zero emissions is no solo endeavour. It needs to be one of business, local 

authorities, government, and communities all working together.

That's why most of our projects are joint ventures - partnerships between us and other organisations. We are building partnerships with progressive organisations seeking economic, zero emission solutions.

So let's talk about how, together, we can make hydrogen work for you. 

Join the journey to zero emissions

Stay informed on the latest about hydrogen energy coming to New Zealand

Hiringa is a Maori word meaning perseverance, energy, determination, inspiration, vitality. 

Hydrogen is the energy to change our future - let's make it a zero emissions one.