Freight and Logistics

We are developing a hydrogen supply and refuelling network to enable public and private sector use of hydrogen for transport and logistics. 

Our aim is to provide convenient and operationally efficient hydrogen energy 

and transport solutions to meet your needs. 


Who are we currently working with?

Sustainability is a key driver for NZ business and freight and logistics operators face increasing pressure to reduce their emissions. 


The decarbonisation of heavy transport is a key application for hydrogen fuel cell technology. 

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is likely to be the only way to electrify the heavy transport fleet due to its ability to provide range, heavy duties without payload penalty, and support continuous operations.  

Hydrogen fuel cell forklifts already make economic sense for larger logistics operations. 

​Amazon, Walmart, BMW, Proctor & Gamble, Canadian Tyre and large coldstore and grocery distribution centres have converted their battery electric lift fleets to hydrogen fuel cells.

Hiringa is working with leading freight and logistics companies in New Zealand to introduce the technology to the New Zealand market. 

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Next level operational performance and efficiency

High performance

  • Hydrogen fuel cell forklifts and lift trucks can operate over an 8 hour shift at full speed in a wide range of operating temperatures, including -22° cold stores, without performance degradation​

Lower lifetime cost

  • They deliver constant voltage reducing wear on truck motor controllers. Fuel cells also have an improved lifetime of 8-10 years resulting in a lower lifetime cost and reduced impact on operations

Reduced downtime

  • Lift truck operators can refuel with hydrogen in 3 minutes

Small footprint

  • Refuelling stations have a small footprint and generation and storage equipment can be installed outside or on roof space, eliminating the significant indoor space required for battery charging and storage rooms​


Reduced environmental impact

  • Zero emission solution, and reduces the disposal of batteries. Fuel cells have lower carbon footprint than batteries and are 95% recyclable

Heavy Transport 

Viable zero emission solutions for freight and logistics 

High performance

  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles deliver instant torque and operate efficiently over a wide range of environmental conditions

​Quick refuelling

  • Refuel in similar time to diesel 

Long range

  • Fuel cell electric trucks can have similar range to diesel, with some designs exceeding diesel 

Increased payload

  • Unlike batteries hydrogen is light so range can be increased without significant reductions in payload

Reduced maintenance costs

  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars are simple with few moving parts. This will lead to reduced maintenance costs and extended vehicle life

We work with you

The journey to zero emissions is no solo endeavour.

That's why most of our projects are joint ventures - partnerships between us and other organisations. We are building partnerships with progressive organisations seeking economic, zero emission solutions.

So let's talk about how, together, we can make hydrogen work for you. 

Hydrogen is particularly suited for powering commercial and heavy vehicles,

where availability, reliability, payload and fleet flexibility are key.

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Hydrogen is the energy to change our future - let's make it a zero emissions one.