Industrial Chemicals and Processes

We are developing renewable hydrogen production to enable the decarbonisation of industrial processes.

Hiringa is working with industrial partners to develop new renewable generation that integrates with their plants for power and heat, and produces hydrogen for industrial process feedstock and transport.


Who are we currently working with?

Renewable energy can be converted into hydrogen for industries requiring high-quality and low-carbon heat, power and hydrogen feedstock for their processes.


Hydrogen is a key building block in a number of industrial processes. Green hydrogen provides a low emission alternative to carbon-based hydrogen in production processes such as fertiliser manufacture, methanol production and refining. 

"Power to gas" refers to the process of converting electrical energy to hydrogen via electrolysis, whereby electricity is used to covert water into hydrogen and oxygen. 

When combined with renewable electricity generation, this creates a zero emission energy carrier that can be stored. It allows renewable generation to be converted into usable energy, avoiding curtailment of excess.  

Stored hydrogen is available for use when required, so it can be used to improve resilience and reduce exposure to peak pricing. 

Hydrogen can be burned or used in a fuel cell to provide heat and energy, with zero emission.


Hiringa, together with partners is also conducting research and development in new technologies that will provide new methods for low cost clean hydrogen production.

Hydrogen is one of the key starting materials used in the chemical industry.

It is a fundamental building block for the manufacture of ammonia and methanol.

We work with you

The journey to zero emissions is no solo endeavour.

That's why most of our projects are joint ventures - partnerships between us and other organisations. We are building partnerships with progressive organisations seeking economic, zero emission solutions.

So let's talk about how, together, we can make hydrogen work for you. 

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Hydrogen is the energy to change our future - let's make it a zero emissions one.