Public Sector

We are developing integrated renewable energy generation projects and a hydrogen supply and refuelling network to enable public sector use of hydrogen. 

Our aim is to provide convenient and operationally efficient 

hydrogen solutions to meet your needs. 


Who are we currently working with?

Hydrogen is an opportunity for district and regional councils to create more environmentally sustainable, resilient, and energy independent communities.

Hydrogen can provide a viable solution for the public sector to lead the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

The public sector has opportunity to transition multiple energy forms including transport, heat and power, and to utilise waste water and biogas to create new sustainable hydrogen based ecosystems. 

Hydrogen fuel cell buses, street sweepers, rubbish collection trucks and maintenance 

vehicles are already in operation in cities overseas.  

Hiringa is working with district, regional and central government to develop projects for:

  • fleet vehicles

  • regional bus fleets

  • contractor fleets including waste trucks, street sweepers, road maintenance

  • stationary heat and power

Trains and ferries are also good applications for hydrogen and Hiringa is working with international and local suppliers to provide solutions for New Zealand.  


Proven operational performance


  • Fuel cell buses are quiet, have zero emissions, and can offer high torque and power suitable for all duties and transit routes (gradeability, highway speeds, and long range).

Proven technology

  • Fuel cell bus fleets have been in operation for 10 million kilometers in service with more than 10 years on the road under different operating conditions.

Operational performance

  • The latest generation of fuel cell electric buses can provide a direct replacement for diesel buses with no compromise to service and operation. Refuelling is quick and simple.

Quiet and efficient

  • Fuel cell buses are quiet and two to three times more efficient than their diesel equivalents

Environmentally friendly

  • Zero emission, zero pollution 

Light and Specialty Vehicles

Range and performance

High performance

  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars deliver instant torque and operate efficiently over a wide range of environmental conditions

Quick refuelling

  • Refuel in 3 to 5 minutes for a light vehicle

Long range

  • Fuel cell electric vehicles can travel around 130km on 1kg of hydrogen. Latest models have ranges of 600km - 800km.

Reduced maintenance costs

  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars are simple with few moving parts reducing maintenance costs and extending vehicle life


  • Any vehicle type or duty including street sweepers, waste trucks can be converted to electric without need for dedicated charging spots  

We work with you

The journey to zero emissions is no solo endeavour.

It needs to be one of business, local and national governments, and communities all working together.

That's why most of our projects are joint ventures - partnerships between us and other organisations.

We are building partnerships with progressive organisations seeking economic, zero emission solutions.

So let's talk about how, together, we can make hydrogen work for you. 

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Hydrogen is the energy to change our future - let's make it a zero emissions one.