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Who are we currently working with?

Learn more about hydrogen and its applications, as well as the journey to a zero emissions future. 

Who are we currently working with?

Part of our mission here at Hiringa Energy, is to share knowledge on hydrogen, it's application and the future of zero emission technology. 

Watch our CEO give a TEDx Talk on hydrogen and hear from Toyota's Chairman, on the design and implementation of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). 

Here you will find the videos we recommend watching:

Investing in Taranaki: Hiringa Energy

Venture Taranaki


Duration: 1:49

Ballance & Hiringa Green Hydrogen Project

Hiringa Energy


Duration: 1:42

Taranaki 2050: The roadmap to the future

Venture Taranaki


Duration: 2:17

TEDx Talk - So what is all this hot air about hydrogen?

Andrew Clennett, Hiringa CEO


Duration: 16:40

Our CEO, Andrew Clennett present at TEDx about the hydrogen vision and its potential role in society in "So what is all this hot air about hydrogen?"

Why you should engage in the 2018 APELS

BusinessNZ Energy Council


Duration: 1:01

Business Energy Council - Power to X

Andrew Clennett, Hiringa CEO


Duration: 57:54

Andrew Clennett presents at the New Zealand Business Energy Council about the potential for hydrogen to enable major decarbonisation of our broader energy system in "Power to X: the roles of molecules in the next generation of energy".

Fuel Cell Vehicle - How does it work?

Toyota USA

December 2014

Duration: 3:23

Toyota Mirai - Hydrogen refuelling explained

Toyota USA


Duration: 4:50

Fuel Cell Forklift in Australia

Toyota Material Handling USA


Duration: 2:03

Toyota Portal Project Concept

Hydrogen Truck vs. Diesel Truck

The Wheel Network


Duration: 0:28

Hydrogen is the energy to change our future - let's make it a zero emissions one.