Introducing Aotearoa's Nationwide Hydrogen

Refuelling Network from 2021

Together with our partners, we are establishing a production, distribution and refuelling infrastructure to enable the adoption of green hydrogen solutions.

Hiringa has been developing a green hydrogen production and refuelling network across

New Zealand focused primarily on the heavy vehicles market.

  • Phase 1 of the development includes 8 refuelling stations across the north and south islands, with the first of the 8 sites planned to start construction in 2022.

  • Phase 2 includes the introduction of a further 16 stations from 2024, and;

  • Phase 3 is for over 100 stations by the year 2030.

Sites in Tauranga, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Auckland, Palmerston North, Christchurch, Taupo and Wellington have already been identified as part of Phase 1, with design works underway.  

Location selection and type is prioritised and

based on:

  • Potential for aggregation of suitable fleets such as industrial complexes, commercial & logistics hubs, dairy factories, ports and airports

  • Proximity to potential renewable energy and/or hydrogen supply 


The network includes: 

  • Centralised generation with distributed refuelling 

  • Distributed generation

  • Third party generation with offtake

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Key Partners

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Hydrogen is the energy to change our future - let's make it a zero emissions one.