Sectors we serve

We are developing a nationwide hydrogen 

supply chain to enable industrial, commercial and public sector use of zero emission green hydrogen. 

We are bringing hydrogen fuel cell

technology to New Zealand and

developing solutions for key sectors

in the New Zealand market. 

Our aim is to provide convenient and operationally efficient hydrogen energy 

and transport solutions to meet your needs. 

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Freight & Logistics

Sustainability is a key driver for New Zealand business, with freight and logistics operators facing increasing pressure to reduce their carbon emissions. The decarbonisation of heavy transport is a key application for hydrogen fuel cell technology.

We are developing a hydrogen supply and refuelling network to enable public and private sector use of hydrogen for transport and logistics.

For freight and logistics providers we offer vehicles and equipment, as well as access to our hydrogen refuelling network to enable the use of green hydrogen.

Hiringa is working with leading freight and logistics companies in New Zealand to introduce the technology to the New Zealand market.

Freight & Logistics Partners:

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Dairy, Agriculture & Forestry


The New Zealand economy is heavily dependant on primary industries including dairy, agriculture and forestry. These industries are significant consumers of diesel for transport and are looking for practical solutions to reduce their carbon emissions.

We are working with leady dairy, agriculture and forestry companies to develop and introduce hydrogen technology to the New Zealand market. Larger operations can reduce emissions by adopting hydrogen technology for their heavy trucking and materials handling operations.

Typical hub operations such as log delivery to ports, or milk delivery to dairy factories are a good application for hydrogen technology for transport. 

Additional gains may be made by a combined systems approach where renewable energy is combined with hydrogen and heat and power generation. ​Waste streams can also be utilised for the production of hydrogen. Larger scale operations are best suited to these solutions. 

Hiringa can provide complete hydrogen supply solutions including integration with renewable power generation in remote locations or delivery of compressed hydrogen.

Barley Fields

Industrial Chemicals & Processes

Renewable energy can be converted into hydrogen for industries requiring high-quality and low-carbon heat, power and hydrogen feedstock for their processes.

Hydrogen is a key building block in a number of industrial processes. Green hydrogen provides a lower emission alternative to carbon-based hydrogen in production processes such as fertiliser manufacture, methanol production and refining.

"Power to gas" refers to the process of converting electrical energy to hydrogen via electrolysis, whereby electricity is used to covert water into hydrogen and oxygen. 


When combined with renewable electricity generation, this creates a zero emission energy carrier that can be stored. It allows renewable generation to be converted into usable energy, avoiding curtailment of excess.  Stored hydrogen is available for use when required, so it can be used to improve resilience and reduce exposure to peak pricing.​ 

Together with partners, Hiringa is also conducting research and development in new technologies that will provide new methods for low cost clean hydrogen production.

Public Sector

The public sector has the opportunity to transition multiple energy forms including transport, heat and power, and to utilise waste water and biogas to create new, sustainable based hydrogen ecosystems. 

​Hiringa is working with district, regional and central government to develop projects for:

  • fleet vehicles

  • regional bus fleets

  • contractor fleets including waste trucks, street sweepers, road maintenance

  • stationary heat and power

Trains and ferries are also good applications for hydrogen and Hiringa is working with international and local suppliers to provide solutions for New Zealand.

Our approach is to work with regions, leveraging our skills and experience to provide hydrogen solutions that meet local needs. ​Our model is to create the opportunity for local collaboration and ownership.  ​By collaborating we can secure better outcomes for local communities than standalone projects.  

Hydrogen fuel cell technology represents a value for money alternative to diesel and high emission reduction for dollar spent for high utilisation services.

Regional Partners:

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Long Exposure
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Private Vehicles

Privately owned hydrogen vehicles have particular benefits for regions or where longer distance travel is required. 

Creating a viable refuelling network for private vehicles is highly challenging in these early stages. By establishing initial stations at key transport hub locations we will be able to provide early refuelling for private vehicles and work with our partners to expand this network over time.



Hydrogen presents an opportunity to offer truly zero emissions transport solutions for tourism operators, without compromising availability or reliability.

We are working with transport infrastructure owners and tourism operators to supply green hydrogen for their tourism operations.


We Work With You

The journey to zero emissions is no solo endeavour. It needs to be one of business, local and national governments, and communities all working together.

That's why most of our projects are joint ventures - partnerships between us and other organisations. We are building partnerships with progressive organisations seeking economic, practical and convenient zero emission solutions.

So let's talk about how, together, we can make hydrogen work for you. 

Hydrogen is the energy to change our future - let's make it a zero emissions one.