We are working with transport infrastructure owners and tourism operators to supply green hydrogen for

their tourism operations. 

Our aim is to provide convenient and operationally efficient hydrogen

energy and transport solutions to meet your needs. 


Who are we currently working with?

Hydrogen is an opportunity to offer truly zero emission transport solutions for tourism operators, without compromising availability 

or reliability. 

Hiringa is working with key infrastructure providers, and tourist operators to develop projects for:​

  • bus fleets

  • ferries 

  • light rail

  • stationary heat and power

Hiringa is working with international and local suppliers to provide solutions for New Zealand.  

We work with you

We are building partnerships with progressive organisations seeking economic, zero emission solutions.

The work with you to find the best hydrogen solutions for your operation, and provide a safe and reliable hydrogen supply. 

So let's talk about how, together, we can make hydrogen work for you. 


Proven operational performance


  • Fuel cell buses are quiet, have zero emissions, and can offer high torque and power suitable for all duties and transit routes (gradeability, highway speeds, and long range).

Proven technology

  • Fuel cell bus fleets have been in operation for 10 million kilometers in service with more than 10 years on the road under different operating conditions. Coaches suitable for tourist operations are now in development.

Operational performance

  • Refuelling is quick and simple, and fuel cell bus range can be similar to their diesel equivalents. Coaches suitable for tourist operators are in development and Hiringa is working with   international suppliers to bring these solutions to the New Zealand market.  

Quiet and efficient

  • Fuel cell buses are quiet and two to three times more efficient than their diesel equivalents.

Environmentally friendly

  • Zero emission, zero pollution. 


Future fuel replacement for diesel ferries 

High performance

  • Hydrogen fuel cells operate efficiently over a wide range of environmental conditions

Quick refuelling

  • Refuel in similar time to diesel. Suitable for fast turn around. 

Range and weight 

  • Fuel cells are a viable solution for longer range ferries, will have lower weight than 100% battery electric alternatives. DMV certified systems are now available and first ferries are in design. 

Environmentally friendly

  • Zero emission, zero pollution, no risk of accidental fuel spills, fuel cells have low total carbon footprint compared with batteries and are 95% recyclable. 

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Hydrogen is the energy to change our future - let's make it a zero emissions one.